You were born into this form 23 revolutions of the sun ago
And life will never be the same
With drops of Jupiter in your hair,
Wanderlust in your eyes,
Love on your arms and
Oil wells between your thighs
You are a vessel of love and mercy
Your value is more than silver and gold
And your life’s journey is the greatest story ever told.
I hold you near to my heart
And hope that this and every day
Is a better start to the rest of your life.

I hope to soon become your wife
And after this weekend and the time we’ve shared
I’ve spent more time watching you than ever before
I’ve spent hours wondering what else is in store
For me with you by my side
I’d be content to just go along for the ride
To see you make manifest your hopes and dreams
Watch you change the world
See your lovely smile on the face of a little girl
Who looks just like you
I’m already short of the credit you’re due
But I’ve put my best foot forward
In wishing a happy birthday to you.

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